How It Works

Krispy Kreme has joined forces with BBC Children in Need to help you "Raise some Dough" for this exceptional charity event. Purchase your fundraising dozens for £5.50 each (minimum of 5 dozen) and sell them at your event for a minimum of £9.95 per dozen or £1.55 per doughnut, donating the funds you have raised directly to Children in Need.

This sweet way to raise money couldn't be easier. Get your office, group or society involved. Order online at least 5 days before your event using the code CINKK18

Click here to purchase your doughnuts and insert the code CINKK18 in the Discount Code box at the checkout to receive your BBC Children in Need Fundraising Discount.

Purchase your doughnuts at a discounted price online here entering your discount code at the checkout


Sell your delicious freshly made Original Glazed doughnuts at your chosen fundraising event.


Send your money via most banks, phone or online - bbc.co.uk/pudsey remember to reference CINKK18


What You Need

Children in Need Fundraising Doughnuts, some cotton thread or ribbon, some string.

Tie a length of string between two walls. With members of your team standing under the string, tie pieces of ribbon to the doughnuts (one per player) and then to the rope so the treats hang slightly above mouth level.

Have players start on the count of three. Instruct each to eat an entire doughnut -- no hands allowed -- without letting it fall off the ribbon. The first to finish wins. There's no need for prizes; they've just been eaten.

Collect a minimum donation of £1.55 to enter the fun from each player

Changing Malachi's Life

Malachi was born with a life-threatening condition affecting his brain and heart. He needs twenty-four hour care seven days a week, which means leaving the house is sometimes hard for his Mum and Dad. That's where Jules comes in.

He's a specialist carer at Noah's Ark Children's Hospice in North London and his role is fully funded by BBC Children in Need. With his help, Malachi's family are able to have some much needed relief and get essential jobs done.

They know their son will get the care and support he needs in Jules' safe hands.


Terms & Conditions

Doughnuts must be sold on the day of collection; our product is always made fresh daily and sold on day of production. All Fundraising doughnuts must be collected and used on the same day. Any unsold product must be discarded. Doughnuts must be sold in their whole form, i.e. not decorated/topped/with any additions – this is a legal mandate as we need to be careful of nutritional & health and safety requirements. The date and time of the delivery is subject to availability, confirmation and to approval by Krispy Kreme UK. All fundraising orders must be picked up within two hours of the agreed-upon pick up time from the selected store.

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