Krispy Kreme Limited Aero and Kitkat Doughnuts

Limited Edition Doughnuts

Need a break from mundane treats? 

Enjoy a little treat this April with Krispy Kreme’s® new range in partnership with KITKAT® & AERO® - two new flavours that will make anyone ‘mmmh’ with how delicious they are!
Krispy Kreme®, KITKAT® & AERO® are making sure no one skips on a much-deserved break, destined to brighten people’s days for the next month.

1 doughnut = 1 portion

enjoy a doughnut break together

Get ready for a treat with our Doughnut Break Dozen! Including 4 x Original Glazed, 4 x Bubbly and 4 x Krumbled. 

Krispy Kreme Limited Edition aero and kit kat dozen - nationwide delivery

Limited time treats

bursting with flavour

Krispy Kreme Aero Limited Edition Doughnut-available for click and collect


Filled with peppermint choc, topped with AERO® choc mix and AERO® peppermint bubble.

Krispy Kreme Kitkat Limited Edition Doughnut- available for click and collect


With a KITKAT® flavoured chocolatey filling, KITKAT® crumb and a chocolatey drizzle.

Where to buy

Grab your treats today

Krispy Kreme Nationwide Delivery Doughnut Dozen with an open window - available for nationwide delivery, straight to your door

nationwide delivery

Available exclusively for home delivery until 19th May. 

Krispy Kreme Stores Near You-Find the Limited Edition Classic Dessert Doughnuts in your local store

krispy kreme shops

Drop by your nearest Krispy Kreme shop and try our delicious new range. Available until the 19th May.

Krispy Kreme Cabinet Near You-Find the Limited Edition Eid Doughnuts in your local cabinet


Drop by your nearest Krispy Kreme cabinet and try our delicious new range. Available until the 19th May.

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