Powdered Blueberry.... sounds like a dream... a little pocket of heaven. Well let us tell you, that's exactly what it is! A delightful, heavenly treat for you to enjoy at any time of day.

Powdered Blueberry was one of the first products released at Krispy Kreme UK back in 2003 and still one of the most popular products to date, making it quite the obvious option to #bringback for a 2 week period only!


Delicious Wild Blueberry filling, dusted with the perfect sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Available 19th Sept - 2nd Oct

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Glazed doughnut filled with light & fluffy Kreme filling.

Available: 5th - 18th Sept


Our iconic American cake doughnut, covered in our signature glaze.

Available: 3rd - 16th Oct


Traditional American cake doughnut flavoured with autumnal pumpkin spice and covered in our signature glaze.

Available: 19th Sept - 2nd Oct

Available in all retail stores, Tesco, Morrison, Centre Parks and Services cabinets. Subject to availability.