Krispy Kreme Rewards


Krispy Kreme Rewards – Member Update 1st February 2024

As a valued member of Krispy Kreme Rewards, we wanted to update you on some upcoming changes to our loyalty program.  Don’t worry – you’ll still be the first to hear about our delicious doughnut deals!

How does Krispy Kreme Rewards work?

As a member you earn 10 Smiles for every whole £1 spent in our Krispy Kreme Shops, at our supermarket cabinets, and when you shop online, as well as accessing additional exclusive offers and tasty discounts through the program.

What is changing?

We have worked hard to keep providing you with the best possible value and have been able to maintain the same level of generosity since we introduced Krispy Kreme Rewards in 2020.  We have all seen the cost of everyday items and energy increase in recent years and therefore we are making some small changes to the program.  

We will be increasing the amount of Smiles you need to earn to redeem or Gift on some of our Rewards. This change will impact Hot Drinks, 6 Packs and our Dozen Rewards:

The following number of Smiles will be required to redeem specific Krispy Kreme Products (“Rewards”) from 1st March 2024.

  • 100 Smiles for an Original Glazed doughnut
  • 150 Smiles for any single doughnut
  • 200 Smiles for any hot drink
  • 500 Smiles for your 4 pack
  • 850 Smiles for your 6 pack
  • 1000 Smiles for an Original Glazed Dozen
  • 1250 Smiles for a Sharer Dozen
  • 1250 Smiles for a Choose Your Own Dozen

All our other Rewards and member-only benefits will stay the same and we will remain committed to providing the best possible value to our loyal customers. As a Rewards member, you will still receive 10 Smiles for every £1 spent with us.  


When will this happen?

These changes will come into effect from 1st March 2024. 

We wanted to give you plenty of time to use your Smiles and Rewards with us prior to these changes taking effect.


Our members get more.

We know that providing value is important to you and Krispy Kreme Rewards remains one of the leading loyalty schemes in the market for the benefits it offers members including personalised rewards, birthday surprises, VIP experiences and sneak peeks at our latest flavours. 

We also continue to our commitment to providing members with the best possible value via our exclusive member pricing, including our popular coffee, doughnut and drinks combos.


We’re here to help.

Our Krispy Kreme Customer Care team are on hand to help on 01276 601170 or email [email protected]  

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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