Rainforest Alliance

Our coffee is ethically sourced and the conditions in which it is produced are at the forefront of our mind.

All the coffee we buy is 'fairly traded' as we only buy top quality beans and pay a fair price for them. We do not buy as part of a certified scheme, but use the experience and expertise of our coffee roaster. We purchase many of our coffees at two, three or more times the Fairtrade base price, direct from the farm.

Many coffee farms care deeply about the welfare of their workers and the environment, but might not be able to participate in a certification scheme. For example, growers with small farms may not grow enough coffee to qualify for Fairtrade status.

We believe all growers should be rewarded for the quality of their tea and coffee, not just the minority that are certified for Fairtrade status. Whilst forming part of the solution, Fairtrade is not the only solution.