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Halloween Doughnuts

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?

A slime squad is set to take over the doughnut nation this Halloween as we launch our exclusive Halloween range - available for limited time only, between 14th and 31st October.

Introducing The Slime Squad!

Sid the Slime Monster - A gruesome one eyed monster oozing with fruity slime – take a bite if you dare!

Jack O Lantern - A fang-tastic chocolate orange filled lantern – no tricks just treats!

Spooky Sprinkles  - Our signature ring, with chocolate icing and colourful Halloween sprinkles.

Monstrous Double Dozen Offer!

Make your Halloween slime-sational and create a monstrous dozen including Krispy Kreme’s signature chocolate ring which comes complete with spooky sprinkles; as well the Jack O Lantern, a fang-tastic chocolate orange filled lantern – no tricks just treats! Plus, Sid the Slime Monster, a gruesome one-eyed monsters oozing with fruity slime. 

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Buy One Get One Free!

We'll be launching a ‘buy one get one complimentary’ offer on our Halloween singles on October 16th so get yours before the slime runs out! Available in Krispy Kreme stores only.

But beware, the slime attack truly hits on 30th October. Taking the ghoulish form of three limited edition slimed rings, each doughnut will be slathered in a layer of delicious orange, blackcurrant or candyfloss flavored slime. 

Save Big withDouble Dozens!

  • £15.95

  • £18.45

  • £20.45