Favourites Double Dozen

Favourites Double Dozen

Online exclusive Favourite Double Dozen for delivery. 24 fresh, fan-favourite doughnuts. There’s something for everyone.

Find your best Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a Favourites Dozen including: 

- Iconic Original Glazed fresh, melt-in-your-mouth ring doughnut, glazed to perfection.
- Biscoff® doughnut, the unique caramelised taste of Biscoff®, pure indulgence and a real favourite with Krispy Kreme fans.
- Nutty Chocolatta, rich chocolate & hazelnut filling, with a scattering of caramelised hazelnuts.
- Chocolate Dreamcake, decadent brownie batter filling, decorated with chocolate shavings. Moreish and perfect for anyone who loves chocolate! 
- Strawberries and Kreme, a strawberry and Kreme filled doughnut, dipped in scrumptious strawberry flavour icing.

-Chocolate Sprinkles, hand dipped in chocolatey icing & covered in colourful sprinkles.
- Strawberry Iced ring doughnut, hand dipped in a scrumptious strawberry flavour icing.
- Caramel Iced ring, hand dipped in a delectable caramel flavour icing.
Original Glazed Filled Ring, melt-in-your-mouth ring doughnut, filled with Kreme.

Choose a Assorted Dozen if you would like to click & collect from a shop near you. Contents are subject to change. Find your best Krispy Kreme doughnut with a Favourites Double Dozen.

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For further nutrition, allergen and ingredient information, please see our Krispy Kreme Allergen & Nutrition Matrix.

Doughnuts included may be subject to change. 



For further nutrition, allergen and ingredient information, please see our Krispy Kreme Allergen & Nutrition Matrix.


We recommend you choose the delivery date for the day you intend to eat your doughnuts. Best eaten on day of delivery.

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Available to safely gift UK nationwide coverage excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish highlands and islands.

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Please note that delivery currently is available for up to eight dozen boxes or sixteen and a half dozen boxes per order. Customers that wish to order more than these amounts can place additional orders separately.