Krispy Kreme Limited Easter Fun Packaging Tips-Available for Nationwide Delivery

Doughnut Toppers

Burst open the fun this Easter!

Transforming your Easter doughnuts into festive favourites is a piece of cake... er, doughnut! Just follow these three simple steps and let the Easter fun begin!

Doughnut Toppers

follow our easy 3 step guide

Krispy Kreme Step 1 - Easter Doughnut Packaging Tip (Easter Campaign 2024)

snip, snip, snip

Start by unpacking your delicious Easter doughnuts and arranging them on a plate. Grab some scissors and get ready to cut out our fun selection of characters and Easter eggs.

Krispy Kreme Step 2 - Easter Doughnut Packaging Tip (Easter Campaign 2024)

stick the fun 

Now, grab a cocktail stick and attach your cut-outs to the tops using a bit of tape. Mix and match as many fun toppers as you like, and don't be afraid to unleash your inner artist with some DIY designs!

Krispy Kreme Step 3 - Easter Doughnut Packaging Tip (Easter Campaign 2024)

hoppy toppings

Ta-da! Your doughnuts are now Easter party superstars! Time to celebrate and indulge in all their delicious glory! Yay for Easter doughnut fun!

spread the easter joy

Looking for a delicious Easter treat perfect for sharing? Get your egg-stremly delicious made fresh daily Easter doughnut treats in our Easter feature dozen pack, delivered straight to your door. 

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