Kexgill celebrate their very own doughnut day

Doughnuts: 764 dozen

Flavour: Classic Dozens

Who: Kexgill - award winning student accommodation

Where: Across their nine branches; Hull, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Preston, Liverpool, Salford, Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford

When:'Doughnut Day' happens each year in October


Student accommodation company Kexgill hand out nearly 10,000 doughnuts to welcome new tenants at their annual 'Welcome to Kexgill' event. Because “what better way to make friends than to share a huge box of doughnuts with your new house mates?" says Richard Stott, Director of Kexgill.

With Classic Dozens getting to each Kexgill branch early, the team were able to get them out to students, who loved having a fresh box of doughnuts delivered to their door. They were then quick to share great comments and snaps on social media.

But why did Kexgill choose Krispy Kreme for their 'Welcome to Kexgill' event (which is now known as Doughnut Day)? Richard Stott explains; “choosing Krispy Kreme was an easy decision. When you think doughnuts, you think Krispy Kreme.

It's an instantly recognisable brand amongst all our UK and International students. And of course, the doughnuts are delicious!"

So can Kexgill residents can mark their calendars for next year's event? “We will certainly be carrying on our Doughnut Day tradition alongside Krispy Kreme for some time to come."

Are you considering giving out Krispy Kreme doughnuts at your next event? Get in touch with our Corporate Occasions team today.

“Kexgill has been a valued customer for a number of years and we're always delighted to receive such positive feedback" says Simon Browning, Strategic Partnerships and Occasions.

“We love to help businesses surprise and delight their customers with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We have a specialist team on hand to ensure that any large orders that are delivered across the UK are freshly made to guarantee the true Krispy Kreme experience."