Krispy Kreme Christmas food hacks

Krispy Kreme

Christmas fun food hacks

We've pulled together some Krispy Kreme food hack ideas for your Christmas table this holiday season. With just a few extra ingredients available from your local supermarket, you'll love making these sweet creations.

Krispy Kreme Rudolf coake pops

original glazed rudolf cake pops

Add two pretzels, a red chocolate bean, edible eyes and a lollypop stick to our iconic mini Original Glazed or mini Sprinkles doughnut to create these Rudolf cake pops.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Christmas Trees

Original glazed christmas tree

Stack two Original Glazed doughnuts and a doughnut Bite and decorate with coloured icing and sprinkles of your choice for this perfect Christmas table treat.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Snowman

original glazed snowmen

What do you get when you add pretzel sticks, half an orange chocolate bean and black and white icing to a stacked doughnut Bite on an Original Glazed? An Original Glazed snowman, of course. 

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