Chill out this summer with Krispy Kreme Ice Kreme and milkshakes

Chill out this summer

krispy kreme shakes and ice Cream

As the sun is shining, visit your nearest Krispy Kreme shop and chill out with a delicious Kreme Shake, refreshing coffee chiller or ice cream.

Available at selected Krispy Kreme shops throughout the summer.

Krispy Kreme

chilled shakes and ice creams

Krispy Kreme milkshakes

Krispy Kreme shakes

Refreshing and delicious shakes include Oreo Kreme Shake, Strawberry Kreme Shake and for chocolate lovers the Chocolate Kreme Shake. Shakes start from £3.95 but you can add any doughnut for just an additional £1 in our cold drink combo.  

Krispy Kreme Ice creams

Our signature ice cream, served in a pot and goes perfectly with 2 "OG" doughnut bites for just £3.05.

Looking to add a doughnut to your Shake?

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut


Add an "OG" doughnut which goes perfectly with all our "Shakes" and ice creams.

where can you pick up a Shake?

Shakes and ice creams are available at selected Krispy Kreme shops throughout this summer. Click the button below, search for your local Krispy Kreme shop and look for the "chill out" icon. 

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