About Fundraising

How does it work? It's really simple...

  • Purchase our Original Glazed doughnuts at special fundraising price of £5.50 a dozen
  • Sell them on at your event for £9.95 per dozen or £1.55 per doughnut
  • Your charity receives all of the profit - couldn't be easier!

Need a more interesting way to raise money for your charity? Whether you are a charity looking to raise money at a specific event or an individual looking for a different way to hit that sponsorship target, Krispy Kreme's fundraising scheme is here to help.From early on in our history, Krispy Kreme has supported charities and played an active role in the local community. We know that it is increasingly difficult to simply ask people to make a donation, which is why our scheme allows you to sell them something they'll love, our doughnuts, whilst you make a profit for your charity!

You are welcome to request hats and balloons for your event.

PLEASE NOTE: Our doughnuts are NOT made in a nut-free environment, therefore we cannot guarantee our doughnuts do not contain nuts. For allergen and nutritional information on our doughnuts click here.

What do I need to do?

1. Decide how many doughnuts you need and the date you require them (the minimum order is 5 dozen, maximum is 50 dozen per charity event per day!) - Please note, we need 10 days notice of your fundraising requirements

2. Place your enquiry with us online

3. We will confirm your order within 3 days of enquiry and take payment 4 days before your event.

4. Collect your doughnuts on your event date from your chosen Krispy Kreme UK store* (Not available to collect from Tesco, Service Stations, Costco or Center Parcs)

5. Run your event and raise loads of money!

If you have any questions, please make contact with the store* you are wishing to collect the order from - details of which can be found using our store locator.

Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions.

* Not available to collect from Tesco, Service Stations, Costco or Center Parcs

* Only available for fundraising events held in the UK